Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fabulous Finds: Boise Fries and Guru Donuts

Flying to Boise from St. Augustine became a long journey.  I left my condo at 4:15 am to drive two hours to the Orlando Airport for a flight to Minneapolis-St. Paul.  After a layover in Minnesota, I caught a flight to Boise.  Twelve hours from my start,  I was met by Tony Harrison representing Taste Idaho. Tony graciously treated me to a late lunch at Boise Fry Company.

   Guru Donuts and Boise Fry Company

Lunch at Boise Fry Company

Tony's restaurant choice was sensational. I ordered a bison burger with what they call "Original Toppings" consisting of spring mix, tomato, red onion gastrique and garlic aioli.  The red onion combination packed a hint of sweetness and the juicy, but not fatty, burger satisfied my hungry stomach. So much so that I didn't need to eat dinner. By the way, the burgers are considered sides to the famous Boise Fries.

Yes indeed, the fries at Boise Fry Company are something to rave about; the establishment is renown for the selection of freshly prepared french fries. Choose between Russet, Gold, Laura, Yam, Sweet, Purple or Okinawa potatoes and about 20 twenty salt combinations and another ten or so dipping sauces.

I chose purple fries and they arrived crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside.  I added rosemary and basil salt, and a dash of sea salt, and picked garlic aioli, spicy ketchup and regular ketchup for dipping. While each sauce was delicious, call me boring; I preferred plain old ketchup.

Guru Donuts

Guru Donuts is a new addition to one side of the Boise Fry Company restaurant. Their display cases contain the most strikingly beautiful creations I have ever seen.  All of the donuts are homemade from scratch. Even the glazes are mixtures from scratch, adding creativity through fun flavors, fresh fruits, herbs, spices and even a little booze. The fillings are also homemade from ingredients like local berries turned into jams and fresh made pastry cream with real vanilla bean. No artificial ingredients and no preservatives.  Even the sprinkles are dyed with fruits and vegetable dyes.

After eyeing the delights in the afternoon, I simply had to return to Guru Donuts for breakfast.  WOW- best decision ever, except for my waistline.  I chose the signature Hipsterberry donut. It's a wildberry lavender glazed raised donut. The Hipsterberry glaze packs its punch from organic and wild blueberries and marionberries smashed into a jam with culinary lavender. The taste is melt in your mouth donut nirvana - a bold and tangy topping over sweet pastry. 

I'm told the Guru baker arrives around midnight to start making the batter and the glazers come in around 3 am.  The donuts are ready for the early customers by 6 am.  Carrie, who works behind the counter said they sell about a thousand a day and occasionally run out.  She claimed it was difficult to work in the shop because she is so tempted to try everything.  I couldn't agree more.   


Guru Donuts and Boiise Fry Company
204 North Capitol Boulevard
Boise, Idaho