Monday, February 18, 2013

Quebec Cuisine: C'est Magnifique

Desert at Le Chateau Frontenac
One of my favorite things about travel is sampling local food. Not surprising, a recent trip to Quebec City's Winter Carnival turned up fabulous French cuisine with Canadian flare. The city ranks as a true foodie destination.

Winter treats included maple cream taffy (hot maple syrup rolled around a Popsicle stick in the snow), beaver tails (huge flat donuts like pastries) and caribou - a knock your socks off warm wine drink combining merlot with bandy or cognac and spices.

Didn't matter if I was eating a casual and fancy breakfast,lunch and dinner, all my plates appeared as an artist's palate. Delicate care had gone into creating complex combinations of textures and colors. Even a pulled pork sandwich with french fries looked like a vibrant color wheel. Beautiful sight and beautiful taste.

I simply had to take pictures and will let the photos speak for themselves.

Here are my favorites: