Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blue Planet Cafe, Topeka, Kansas

Street front view of the Blue Planet Cafe.

I only spent one day in Topeka, Kansas, but I've traveled enough to know a good restaurant when I find one. Actually I didn't find Blue Planet Cafe on my own. My host took me there, but from the continuous stream of customers in and out of the place, you can see it's a popular local's favorite--the best kind.

One reason-- just looks at the artistic presentation of cappuccino.

Beautiful cup of cappuccino.

Blue Planet opens Monday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch. Their freshly baked-from- scratch items include all breads, even the sandwich bread. The scones are very popular. They also have gluten-free and sugar-free items among an array of healthy food choices.

Blue Planet Cafe customers enjoy their lunch.
The restaurant buys local produce, recycles, composts and strives for energy efficiency. Their ballroom (yes, they have one) is used for live music, poetry readings and meetings. The main walls of our building feature a different local artist every month.

We stopped in for lunch and I ordered the black bean and cheese quesadilla. As expected, it was delicious but I truly appreciated the lack of oil used in the preparation. The tortilla was light and crispy on the outside with melted cheese goodness inside. Someone at my table ordered tomato soup which smelled divine and included nice-sized chunks of tomato in the broth.

Quesadilla of the Day

Ma Linda offers Sybil Cookies
Linda and Jeff Carson are the owners. Ma Linda (as she is called) made rounds offering freshly baked Sybil cookies. Ma Linda named them Sybil because they are multi-personality cookies with chocolate chips, cranberries, macadamia nuts, raisins, etc. How could I resist? 

The Blue Planet Cafe is not a fancy place, just a terrific place to meet friends for breakfast or lunch. They cater to vegetarians but offer selected lunch meats as well. Ma Linda explained that Saturday brunch was quite something to behold.  "Over here I get the church-type ladies, opposite sit the breastfeeding LaLeche Moms, the health food nuts linger around the corner and everyone else just fills in," she said.

It's a happy and happening place.   Don't miss it if you visit Topeka. 

Oh yes- they offer free Wifi.

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Blue Planet Tomato Soup

Blue Planet Cafe
110 SE 8th Ave.
Topeka, KS 66603

785 783-8883

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