Thursday, September 20, 2012

Medora, North Dakota: Pitchfork Fondue


Steaks are speared on pitchforks in Medora, North Dakota.

Medora, North Dakota is known as the home of former President and Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt, the northern Badlands, and something called a  Pitchfork Steak Fondue.   Local families and tourists flock to the summertime event.

Cowboy cooks spear steaks on pitchforks and thrust them into vats of hot oil.  Don’t get too close, but it’s quite an operation to watch.

Steaks are cooked in a cauldron of hot oil.

Cowboy cooks prepare the beef.
You may feel as if you are in prison when given a partitioned metal tray but trust me, the food is delicious. Select your sides from the buffet - baked beans, baked potatoes, salad options, coleslaw, Texas toast, and fresh fruit – then let the cowboys slap a perfectly done medium-rare steak on your tray.  Wine and beer are available for an extra fee. 

Metal Tray holds the Pitchfork Fondue Meal.

Events begin around 6:00 pm in a pavilion on a hill overlooking the town.  The view is spectacular with nearly 360 degrees of open sky. Musicians from the famed Medora Musical serenade diners with some foot stompin' tunes.

Town of Medora, North Dakota as seen from the Pitchfork Fondue Pavilion.
Kids are attracted to the hillside which simply begs for a roll. Photographers eagerly await sunset at the panoramic site overlooking Teddy Roosevelt National Park. Eventually, dessert is served. Brownies and cake earn high marks and rank as crowd pleasers.

Most folks hang around until the Medora Musical begins in the nearby amphitheater.  The wait is a bit long as the show doesn't start until 8:30. However,  stomachs are full and just sittin' and soaking in the scenery seems rather nice. 

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Dining at Theodores in the Rough Riders Hotel.
Fine Dining at Theordores.

Breakfast at Cowboy Cafe.
Town of Medora, North Dakota

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