Friday, August 3, 2012

Revisiting Key Lime Pie and the Keys

Ma's Key Lime Pie

A piece of Key Lime pie is essential on a visit to the Florida Keys.  Actually many pieces of  pie are required because you need to make sure you taste the very best.

On a recent trip, my favorite slice came from Ma's on Islamorada, one of the upper Keys.  Ma's isn't a fancy restaurant; officially it's a fish camp but don't let that distract you. Ma's serves the pie with a mile high topping of meringue. The taste is over the top. The tangy and slightly tart citrus flavor still comes through, but the smooth, melt in your mouth meringue adds a bountiful bonus. (And, the fish tacos are pretty amazing, too.)

When I previously visited Key West in 2010,  I met Kermit, owner of the Key Lime Shop in Key West. (Read prior blog here.) Kermit still makes an excellent pie, however, on this outing I was enamored with his frozen chocolate covered pie-on-a-stick. Might have been the heat and humidity talking, but this treat is  cool creation and worth the calories. 

An escape to the Keys anytime of the year is an indulgence you should make and eating Key Lime pie, well...absolutely necessary. 

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Ma's Fish Camp
105 Palm Avenue (Mile Marker 81.5 Oceanside)
Islamorada, FL 33036

Kermit's Key Lime Shop
200 Elizabeth Street
Key West, FL 33040

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