Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun Food Signs From Israel

Returned from a fabulous trip to Israel last week.  Many stories and adventures to tell in future blog posts.

As always, I enjoyed taking photos and thought I'd share some of the fun food related signs I saw in the country. 

 Kosher McDonald's sign as seen in Jersusalem.

Big America - Guess this is what many Israeli's think of Americans.
Stars and Bucks Cafe in Bethlehem.

And lastly, couldn't resist a Holy Bagel.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From Pantry to Published: A Cookbook Workshop

One day I plan to write a cookbook. Sure, along with organizing all those old photos!

Part of my cookbook collection
Honestly, I collect cookbooks and would love to choose the recipes, design the layout, and take the photos.

In March, I am going to learn how.  I'll be attending From Pantry to Published: The 2-Day Legacy Cookbook Workshop where I will meet celebrity cookbook authors, a food photographer and nationally recognized cookbook publisher.
Please join me for this fabulous event.

Here's the information:

FROM PANTRY TO PUBLISHED …The 2-Day Legacy Cookbook Workshop takes place at the Casa Marina Hotel in Jacksonville Beach, Florida on March 13 and 14, 2012. While learning from experts about the ‘How To’ of getting started, enjoy the luxurious ambiance of this historic oceanfront hotel and Chef Aaron Webb’s award-winning New Beach Cuisine.

Join these professionals as they lead you through the exciting world of developing a legacy or commercial cookbook:

Writing for Success: Cookbook Author & Award-Winning Journalist PATRICIA MACK

portrait (3)

  • Hone your writing skills in this special field
·         Develop your ‘voice’ to better communicate in your unique style
·         Organize your material and recipes
·         Follow recipe testing protocols and learn clear/concise recipe writing techniques

Collecting Memories: 6- time Cookbook Author BELINDA HULIN
·         Your table, your history: The importance of preserving your culinary traditions
·         Gather the elements: Stories, photos, memorabilia, timelines and recipes make a keepsake
·         Collecting stories: Interviewing relatives and other sources to capture your legacy and spice up your cookbook
·         Recreating recipes: Just because your late grandmother didn’t write it down doesn’t mean it’s lost
Food Photography – Planning and Producing with CHERYL BALARA 
CbalaraProfile (3)   

  • Plan your photo style: Imaginative work behind the camera will create the exceptional ‘look’ of your cookbook
  • Devise strategies: What to expect on the day of your photo shoot
  • Learn post-production skills:working with Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Review and deliver the final images in a professional way!
Publishing - Putting it all together with SHERRIE WILKOLASKI
sherrie 005-b
·         Learn how to publish from start to finish. Do you need an agent or is self-publishing the best path?
·         Create a finished cookbook A to Z. Then master all the elements that are involved with getting your book to print
·         Market your cookbook.  Create the events, the buzz and generate public relations through social media and more
·         Get your book on Amazon, in bookstore and learn about specialty sales channels

RESERVE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR Workshop #1:     2 night Accommodations in a Deluxe Room, Full 2-day Workshop, 2 Breakfasts, Lunch, Wine Tasting and Chef’s Dinner   $425.00
2 night Accommodations in a Parlor Suite, Full 2-day Workshop, 2 Breakfasts, Lunch, Wine Tasting and Chef’s Dinner  $465.00
NO ACCOMMODATIONS Workshop #2:    Full 2-day Workshop, 2 Breakfasts, Lunch, Wine Tasting and Chef’s Dinner (no Accommodations)  $290.00
For Information and WORKSHOP Reservations, contact:
Leigh Cort at (904) 806-3613 ~

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Home

New Year's Greens and Black Eyed Peas

In the South , it is customary to eat greens and black eyed peas on New Year's Day.  Despite the fact that I was officially moving into my new apartment  tomorrow, I had to fix dinner with what I had available.  So with one skillet,  I pan fried a pork chop, sauteed some kale with garlic and heated a can of black eyed peas with okra, tomatoes and corn.  Honestly it was delicious.  Now, I should be guaranteed money and good luck in the new year.  Let's hope so.