Monday, June 23, 2008

Harry's Old Place

Harry’s Old Place
3751 Cypress Gardens Road
Winter Haven, FL
Telephone 863 324-0301

“Harry in the Bag” is the specialty of the house at Harry’s Old Place, a tasty restaurant in Winter Haven, FL. Start with a grouper filet and cover with a mixture of crushed pecans and crushed Ritz crackers. Then add, as the waitress said, “ various seasonings.” She would not divulge which ones.

My guess is some Old Bay, chili powder, paprika, pinch of cayenne, salt and pepper. Place in a brown bag and cook in the oven.

It is served on a plate with the bag torn open, a lemon wedge on the side. While my photo doesn't look terribly appetizing, the fish is moist with a spicy zip. Quite yummy.

Harry’s is an eclectic place with driftwood sculptures, tiffany lamps, fish weathervanes, a skinless wooden canoe, glass buoys, and the bottom half of Santa climbing up a pole.

Hmm, Harry himself looks a bit like ole St. Nick.

For my attempt:
I took some Ritz crackers and pecans, crushed them, and added the seasonings I mentioned above. I slathered the top of a salmon filet with a very thin coat of mayonaise and sprinkled on the crumb topping. I baked the filet at 350 degrees and was delighted with result. Even daughter Laura commented with a thumbs up!